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Managed Funds Forms & Product Disclosure Statements

COVID-19 Document Processing:

To allow us to continue to meet document processing times please submit all Managed Funds forms by email, there may be delays in the processing of forms submitted by post.

The Australian Ethical Financial Services Guide and Managed Funds PDS should be considered before making an investment decision.

Please note, we currently do not accept electronic signatures on forms. To avoid delays or having to re-complete forms, please ensure you sign the documents with a wet ink signature (i.e. by hand).

Please also see the Notices & Updates page for the latest changes to Managed Funds products.


Managed funds application form
New investors can join us using our application form
Adviser third party and fee authority form (Managed Funds)
Complete this form to gain access to your client's Australian Ethical account(s), or to setup or amend an adviser service fee arrangement.
Additional investment application form
Current investors can apply for additional investment
Managed funds proof of identity guide
A guide for investors required to provide certified identification documents
Change of details form
This form can be used to advise us of any changes to your personal details or investment preferences as it relates to your investment in the Australian Ethical Managed Funds.
Transfer request form
Transfer your managed fund units to another person or transmitting a deceased estate to a beneficiary
Switch form
Move your money from one managed fund investment option to another
Withdrawal form
Withdraw units from your investment(s) in the managed funds
Tax residency self certification form
This form is to be used to record your Tax Residency in accordance with the Foreign Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). Boardroom Limited provides administrative services to Australian Ethical Managed Funds.

Product Disclosure Statements

Please see our Important notices and information page for updated information and disclosure about our Funds. You should read this information in conjunction with each Funds PDS.

Retail Funds

Emerging Companies Fund
International Shares Fund
Australian Shares Fund
Diversified Shares Fund^
Advocacy Fund^
Balanced Fund^
Fixed Interest Fund
Income Fund

Wholesale Funds

Emerging Companies Fund (Wholesale)
International Shares Fund (Wholesale)
Australian Shares Fund (Wholesale)*
Diversified Shares Fund (Wholesale)^
Advocacy Fund (Wholesale)^
Balanced Fund (Wholesale)^*
Fixed Interest Fund (Wholesale)
Income Fund (Wholesale)

Additional information

Additional Information Booklet
Important information for NZ investors

Financial Services Council (FSC) identification forms

If you are a resident for tax purposes of any country other than Australia, you are required to submit the relevant Financial Services Council (FSC) identification form to us along with your initial application form.

This is for the purposes of the USA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the global Common Reporting Standard (CRS). The FSC identification forms are based on your investor type. If you have any questions or unsure which form you should complete, please contact us on 1800 021 227.

Identification forms

Individuals and sole trader
Australian companies
Australian regulated trusts and trustees
Unregulated trusts and trustees
Foreign companies
Government body
Registered co-operatives
Partnerships and partners
Please note

^the Buy/Sell spreads in the below PDS’s have been updated effective from 1 April 2021. Please visit the fees page for updated fee details.

*this Fund will no longer accept applications from new investors via the mFund Settlement Service (mFund). Current mFund investors can continue to buy additional units (minimum $1000) and continue with their regular monthly investment plans (minimum $100).  Redemptions from the Funds will be processed as per normal via mFund.  There are no Establishment, Contribution, Withdrawal or Exit fees charged by Australian Ethical.  Please note that brokerage or other third party fees may apply for using this service. Please click here for more information about mFund.